Incoming Spanish III MYP 2012 Profesora Rys
Summer assignment

Once a decide the deadline working around your summer travels and activities. One for June, one for July and one for August. Just three total!
1. Speaking-- Got to msnbc images or msn pictures and search for images from Spanish speaking countries. When you find one you like, click on it and then write the script for your comments. Incorporate cultural comments, making sure you say where the picture is from (La foto es de...). You might have to do some research on the topic. Storyboard your script and practice speaking. When you are ready, call my google voice and tell me about the picture using only your storyboard as a guide.
To make a recording:
Call my google voice: 970-680-3106. You know the routine: State a greeting, name, etc. Draw pictures as prompts before you call, and you can refer to these pictures while you are recording. Make sure there are NO words on your drawings! Aim to use advanced vocabulary and grammar structures! Not just first or second year stuff! If you don’t like the recording, do NOT hang up and try another one—just keep going!

Do a grammar activity about every 2 weeks:
2. Grammar---Do four quality grammar assignments here with Barbara Kuczun Nelson's grammar exercises located on the right sidebar. Do what you need and what you think will help YOU. OK to repeat grammar structures you have already studied but still need the practice. If you need more practice with a concept, find another site and practice more. Email me every two weeks and tell me what grammar you studied and practiced then reflect on your learning referring using the following document: Summer homework incoming IV.docx (Ignore that it says Spanish IV.) Please BE SPECIFIC in your reflection. For example, "I knew that 'para' is used for destination, so I got all these correct. But I didn't know 'por' is used for exchange. Now I know to use 'por' for exchange, for example, 'Pagué cinco euros por el collar.'" I would love to see your work as you do it, so please send me a copy of this document as you fill it in (there are four for each concept). Oh, and feel free to discuss these grammar assignments with anyone, perhaps over tea or coffee. It will help reinforce your learning! Your cat or dog may join in the conversation as well.

3. Reading--- Read this article Las conquistadoras desconocidas
and write a review using . Be prepared to discuss this article the first day of class. You will have class time to prepare a group review on the article, and then you will present to the rest of the class (standard Spanish III students).

¡Que pases un verano fabuloso!
Profesora Rys