What plan of action will you design in order to practice German as much as possible in order to reach higher levels of proficiency? Take THIS QUIZ to get some tips to help guide you!

This site is for students going into these classes this fall: German IV, German IV DP, German IV AP

Log: Download as many of these sheets as you need to complete the summer work of a minimum of 30 minutes per week. Organize these sheets in a way that is easy for me to understand and see what you did: (Available in pdf and Word (in case you want to type on it)) If another format works better for you, that is fine, just make sure it is legible and organized.

Vary what you use on this site each week. For example, listen to the news one week, then try some games another week, listen to music to understand them or practice your grammar and vocabulary, review some of the textbook activities and games at the bottom of the page. etc. The more variety the more skills you develop.

Preparing for the AP/IB language assessments that will happen in German Level IV demands that you also reflect on what you need to learn and practice in order to reach your goals and the goals of the program.. Spending a little time everyday listening to German-language songs, playing games in German, watching German-language television shows cartoon, etc. online, or watching part of a German-language movie on a regular basis will improve your language skills for the AP/IB assessments drastically. By the time the exam comes, you will be able to think in German better each day. Remember it is up to you to continue to practice. Language learning is a skill that must be developed frequently and over a long period of time. It is a very individualized process! Take your learning into your own hands! Browse the links below and find something that is interesting to you and a little bit challenging.

This section will be continually updated with links to German Learning Resources.
If you find something you think should be on here, e-mail me at kendra.omlid@thompsonschools.org so I can share it with others!

Word Reference:

dict.cc, beolingus.de, wordreference.com

Grammar Explanation and Practice:

Nancy Thuleen Grammar Page
Languages Online (UK)

Practice Activities:

BBC Listening Practice (foundation/beginner) BBC Listening (higher)
BBC Reading Practice (foundation/beginner) BBC Reading (higher)
WordChamp - flashcards (Common Verbs, School Vocab, Hobbies, and more) and conjugation drills. Simply search a verb in German and you can look at conjugation charts and do practice drills

Practice Tests:

Goethe Institut Exams
German Exam for Immigrants from Goethe Institut
BBC GCSE Review and Practice Tests
österreichisches Sprachdiplom Deutsch (click on the level of test you are interested in at the top of the homepage and the practice tests are in the right hand column on each page)
telc Deutsch
Deutsches Sprachdiplom - 2 Modellsätze
Test DaF - I haven't found too many examples or practice tests on here, but I'm still looking!
New York State Regent's Exams: German


List of German Music Groups I know of on the LHSgermanclasses wikispace
Step into German
Lyricstraining.com (Click German on the right side of the search bar) Watch music videos and play games to fill in the lyrics as you watch


Neuneinhalb Video Podcast
Deutsche Welle Telenovela: Jojo sucht das Glück
WDR.de - Links für Kinder - many different shows, including Sendung mit der Maus, Käpt'n Blaubär and others
Full Length Fairy Tale Movies in German - Approximately 1 hour each
Extr@ Series - from Discovery Learning
KuBus Video Archiv - von Goethe Institut - Videos zu verschiedenen Themen
HalfCast Germany - Video Podcasts from a German Teen
KET Distance Learning Videos


Vokabeln Top Thema Archive - Short articles and listening texts with vocabulary exercises from Deutsche Welle
Slow German Podcast - podcasts in German about various aspects of German culture - spoken slowly!
Yabla German - Videos with online exercises (Expensive subscription, but there is some free content)
Audio Lingua - mp3 recordings from native speakers in several languages
Podcast.de- many German podcasts, one great one that is included is 'Die Wahrheit über Deutschland'

Online Games and Activities:

I like German from Goethe Institut
Lyricstraining fill in the blank game
Digital Dialects - hear and see German words and then play games to see how well you know them!
Hello World - activities, songs, flashcards in German

Online Reading Resources:

Project Gutenberg - FREE e-books in German!
Young Germany - Resources about the German language, as well as information about studying and living in Germany.
Reader's Digest Deutschland
http://blindekuh.de/ - German Kids' search engine - good for finding easier authentic texts
Medienwerkstatt Wissenskarten - More Articles in German for kids
International Children's Digital Library
Children's Books Forever - Online in many languages
German Life Magazine - Cultural articles in English

For Fun:

Zungenbrecher - German Tongue Twisters (with audio files so you can hear them!)
German Tongue Twisters from About.com (with audio files so you can hear them!)
Kids' Stories and Songs - Stories and Songs from the UK German Connection