pre-AP Spanish 3 Summer assignments
Create a portfolio. Bring it the first day of class.

¡Bienvenido al sitio de práctica del verano para español III pre-AP!

Espero que tengas un verano maravilloso. -Profe. Parks

What plan of action will you design in order to practice Spanish as much as possible in order to reach higher levels of proficiency? What areas do you need to practice most in Spanish? Listening? Speaking? Reading? Writing?

In order to continue to develop your abilities in Spanish over the summer, you will need to practice for 30 minutes each week, and record your practice each week on the attached assignment log:

Vary what you use on this site each week. For example, listen to the news one week, then try some games another week, listen to music to understand them or practice your grammar and vocabulary, review some of the textbook activities and games at the bottom of the page. etc. The more variety the more skills you develop.

Preparing for the AP Language assessments that will happen in Spanish Level IV and V demands that you also reflect on what you need to learn and practice in order to reach your goals and the goals of the program. Spending a little time every week listening to Spanish-language songs, playing games in Spanish, watching Spanish -language television shows, cartoons, etc. online, or watching part of a Spanish-language movie a regular basis will improve your language skills for the AP assessments drastically. By the time the exam comes, you will be able to think in Spanish better each day. Remember it is up to you to continue to practice. Language learning is a skill that must be developed frequently and over a long period of time.

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Assessing your skills:

Check your abilities in Spanish with this survey: European Center For Modern Languages
Check your listening, reading, vocabulary and grammar abilities: National Spanish Examinations

Escuchar - Listening

BBC bitesize Excellent listening segments of Spanish speakers. Test yourself to see what you understand.
BBC quickfix Learn key phrases for a variety of topics. ¿Cuál tema te interesa?
Notes in Spanish Listen to the inspired beginners podcasts with Ben and Marina. Or, challenge yourself with the Intermediate podcasts.
Cuentos Junior Explore a wide variety of Spanish songs and videos.
Canciones en español Listen to some current Spanish-language songs. Check out the workseets below with the lyrics.
El día e Famous Spanish-speakers announce the day of the Spanish language, July 18th, and the merits of learning Spanish.

Hablar - Speaking

BBC bitesize speaking Listen and repeat on a variety of topics you're familiar with. ¿Entiendes lo que estás diciendo?

Leer - Reading

Spanish Storybirds Many are simple, but it's great review! ¿Hay nuevas palabras para ti?
BBC Mundo Read the news in Spanish. ¿Qué está pasando en las noticias?
Practica Español Explore news, music and lots of exciting topic in Spanish.
National Spanish Exam Level 3 reading practice

Escribir - Writing

BBC bitesisze writing Buena práctica.

El vocabulario - Vocabulary

Word Reference Use this site to find out a word you don't understand. Puedes ir del español al inglés o del inglés al español.
Asi se hace Test your knowledge of Spanish vocab. in a variety of contexts.
National Spanish Exam Level 3 Vocabulary practice

La gramática - Grammar

Study Spanish Start from the top and go down, focusing on the areas you need to practice (Units 1-6).
Aprender español Explore lots of different exercises and games on using Spanish.